Selecting a Quality Offshore VPS

The expression Offshore typically refers to a provider with server locations in a number of countries. You can go ahead and select a country or a location where you want your site to be hosted. Virtual Private Server or VPS offers a fixed amount of CPU usage and RAM usage on a dedicated server. One gets complete root access and can install their software. There is no risk of other people slowing down your site. So, you can see that VPS is just like a dedicated server but with a limited space.

More people are opting for Offshore VPS services, as they are affordable and offer better services. But with too many service providers, it sure is a daunting task to pick the best. If you are not getting what you are looking for, then you need to reconsider if the cheaper services are really worth it.

First of all, let’s look into if you really need Offshore VPS. Well, there might be a couple of good reasons why you might need the services of Offshore VPS. Some times there are sites associated with certain topics that can cause trouble with the Mainstream hosts in the country. Many such topics are often linked with Adult websites, Warez content, gambling or proxies. Sites connected with this sort of content are more likely to receive DMCA complaints under Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The traditional hosts, under any such circumstances will remove the site without any qualms. But the offshore host, located outside of your country, will be more understanding and flexible about these issues and requests. Still you should read the complete policy and terms before signing up. But mass emailing sites and spamming are most likely not to be allowed by the majority offshore hosts either.

Offshore Hosting

What to look for in a good Offshore VPS?

Here are some guidelines that will help you locate the right offshore host.

  • Clear and transparent terms and policies
    Getting everything in black and white means you will know exactly where you will stand and the kind of content you can host.

  • Sound server specifications
    Good specifications include, faster CPU and a bigger RAM, which means that your site will run smoothly and load faster. Getting more space for hard drive means you can host a much bigger site on the server. As it is, if your site has huge web traffic, you are going to need a bigger space.

  • Affordable price
    Before deciding, always make comparisons. An offshore server offering a bigger hard drive, more RAM and faster CPU I will tend to be expensive.

  • Professional support
     A good Offshore VPS should always provide great customer support and sort out any issues that you might have immediately.

  • Completely secure
    A secured VPS host should be your top priority that should have high end security checks and mechanisms so as to ensure secure transactions. The presence of Secured Socket Layer or SSL Certificates is important.

Shared or Dedicated VPS?

A dedicated server is completely allocated to your site or a part of the physical server is billed to your site. But you get guaranteed services and resources like RAM, and CPU.  You will often find large number of sites being hosted on the same server.

But incase of many sites getting hosted on that same server, but none of these are offered guaranteed resources, then it is known as shared hosting. Generally a small or new site with a fewer number of visitors will work find on shared hosting at offshore VPS. But if you have a huge traffic, then it is better to opt for dedicated services.